Alternative to Google Reader

April 6, 2013 at 8:23 pm

Google Reader will be discontinued starting June 2013. If you were a Reader user, it will be hard to part with this handy tool.

There is one great alternative that will easily replace your beloved Google Reader and keep your reading habits intact.

The Old Reader

The Old Reader was built to be a suitable replacement for Google Reader. And not just the new Google Reader, the old Google Reader, that had plenty of tools for sharing and organization. You can log in with your Google or Facebook account, and import your feeds from Google Reader or any other service via OPML.

What made the original Google Reader amazing was the image suppression feature, which displayed only the text in the feed. The Old Reader retains that functionality. You would be astounded how fast you can read through a ton of feeds if you don’t have to wade through meaningless pictures.

The interface looks a lot like Google Reader, complete with folders down the left side, your list of stories in the main pane, and one-click subscription to new feeds. You get the same keyboard shortcuts, and even get the same ability to follow other Old Reader users and share interesting stories with them. The Old Reader is fast, free, and super simple to use.