Creative resumes I created during my career

October 4, 2013 at 11:27 am

Creating CVs is hard work, especially when you are trying to add creativity to your resumes. You add, embellish then subtract and delete all over again.

During my job hunts I have created a number of creative resumes that have never seen the light of day, yet, of which, I am really proud of. Because they were sitting around my computer gathering digital dust I decided to publish my creative resumes list.

Creative resumes of me

Creative Infographic CV

This was one of my first attempts in creative resumes and actually adding creativity to my job applications. I chose the black wood and pastel blue combinations for, what I thought was, a deeper impact. I got quite a few design job offers, so it probably worked. (flat version)

Creative Source Code CV

This resume was tailored for just one job offer, so you must realize how much I wanted it. I seldom apply for jobs online, and I only do when the company is Facebook, Google or some other name that resonates. This CV got me through the door, but eventually I had to decline their offer. (flat version)

Creative Online Writer CV

I designed this when I was living abroad. It was also a one-time gig, but I really liked the guy I was going to work with and I thought I’d better make an impression. And, I did. He later told me I was top of his choice as soon as he had seen how much work I put into this CV.

More to come

I still have a number of creative resumes left unfinished because I felt like working freelance gives me better opportunities and prospects for career change. However that may change, so I’ll add them here as they pop-up in my special Creative resumes folder.


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