Diploma and certificate design rules

October 28, 2013 at 2:22 pm

I have been asked to design a quick diploma for an workshop my friends at Reciclare Creativa did. Naturally, I accepted and begun my incursion in finding some good examples, which unfortunately I could not find.

Diplomas and certificates appear to be stuck in the early 17th century with Gothic scribbles and atrocious borders. It most certainly seems like the world of skills recognition has quite a hard road to catch up to the 21th century so I thought I’d give it a nudge in my latest design case for a pallet furniture workshop held at a youth Hostel a few days ago.

Certificate template
I thought the subtle pallet shape and axis offset would give it the necessary abstract information about the nature of the workshop and the pastel green would keep it both fresh and eco-friendly oriented.